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Homes urgently needed for handsome Galgos, could you be their forever family?

Three Spanish Greyhounds dog-serious
© Dog & Cat Rescue - Almeria to UK - Facebook

A Spanish animal shelter is looking for forever homes in the UK for three of its longest-serving resident dogs who were rescued from the streets of Spain.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 05/11/2020, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

Dog & Cat Rescue – Almeria to UK was set up to support La Huella Roja animal sanctuary in Almeria, Spain, to help Almeria's unwanted pets find the loving homes they deserve.

The sanctuary doesn't receive any funding and solely relies on donations to keep it running. But spaces at the shelter get filled up very quickly, so it is continuously looking for people to adopt so it can take more stray animals off the streets.

Loving homes wanted!

Three of the sanctuary's longest stay residents are a trio of beautiful Spanish Greyhounds, who would love a loving family in the UK to adopt them. Spanish Greyhounds are popular in Spain for hunting, but when hunting season is over, hunters will often abandon or even kill the dogs rather than keep them during the off-peak season. The dogs are usually kept chained up outside with not much food and hardly any veterinary care.

These canine companions have a lovely nature which makes them excellent family pets, although they can't be homed with cats because of the dogs' hunting instincts.

Could you give a home to one of these handsome chaps?

Pau Gasol

Pau was discovered living at a local dog pound where he'd been for several months before taken in by the sanctuary. The four-year-old has beautiful markings and a lovely, affectionate nature. He just loves to play in the water and go for walks.

Marc Gasol

Marc was also found at a local dog pound. He is a more mature seven-year-old and is a very affectionate dog who would make a lovely canine companion for a loving family. Marc's favourite hobby is sunbathing!


Devante was originally owned by a hunter who asked the sanctuary to take the dog because he felt he wasn't suited to hunting. The five-year-old wasn't in good health when the sanctuary took care of him and he was riddled with fleas and ticks. But he was quickly given the care and treatment he needed and now loves nothing more than playing with his fellow residents at the sanctuary.

Next steps

While the sanctuary has already rehomed hundreds of dogs and cats in the UK, it is hoping to find loving homes for Devante, Marc Gasol and Pau Gasol. If you are interested in adopting one of these beautiful dogs, get in touch via the Dog & Cat Rescue - Almeria to UK Facebook page or drop them an email at dogcatrescue.almeria2uk@gmail.com 

Each of the dogs has their own passport and will be brought to your home along with their adoption contract. The dogs have all been wormed, flead, microchipped, neutered and are up-to-date with their vaccinations including rabies.

All these dogs need is a forever home where they will be given the love and care they deserve. Could you be the kind-hearted person to adopt one of these lovely dogs?

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