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Man screams when he discovers what he took home with him during a drunken night

For one young Thai man it was to be just another night out: to relax, to drink and to eat. But it turned out also to be the night on which he would meet his unlikely forever friend.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 03/11/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

Yutthaphum Kaewekhem, aka Boom, was drunk. His night had consisted of a pub crawl with friends followed by a rousing meal. Throughout the night, his friends had filmed the goings-on for prosperity. 

When the group decided that enough was enough, Boom made a dash for a waiting taxi. As he did so, he passed a dog sitting on the pavement outside the restaurant; presumably it was hopeful for a scrap or two of food. 

Dog grab

Boom took one look at the dog and - in a rash and drunken haze - decided to take it home. His friends filmed Boom lifting the dog into the waiting cab and speeding off into the night. 

The next morning, with his camera still rolling, Boom’s friend documented the morning after, including the moment Boom - hungover - found a dog in his apartment. His reaction, priceless, as he stares in disbelief at the stray dog he knows nothing about. 

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Remember this? 

In an attempt to jog Boom’s memory his friend plays back the video from the previous night. 

Believing the dog to be in some way connected with the restaurant owners, he took it back and apologised profusely. However, the owners said they know nothing of the dog apart from the fact that it lives outside and begs for scraps. 

Already having fallen in love with the dog, Boom decides to keep it. Today, the pair is inseparable.