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Does your dog hate fireworks? Owner shares homemade trick to end dogs' nightmare

A dog with a sock around its head dog-serious
© Caitlin Miller - Facebook

A teenager from Tyne and Wear claims her makeshift ear defenders have helped to calm down her two dogs, especially on Bonfire Night. Here’s her invention…

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 03/11/2020, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

It may be an evening of fun and flame for humans, but the 5th of November is dreaded by most dogs. Bonfire Night spells misery for millions of pets, many of which become paralytic by the sounds of bangs and whizzes accompanying the autumn tradition.

With an ever increasing halo of noisy weeks before and after the event, some city-dwellers are now forced to leave their homes and travel with their pooch to rural destinations.

Sedatives and tents

For those who cannot leave their homes, various treatments for firework fever are on offer: from building a makeshift tent to convincing a well-meaning veterinarian to prescribe a canine sedative.

But one schoolgirl from South Shields, Tyne and Wear has stumbled upon an idea that may just be the answer to our prayers: doggy ear defenders.

Most dogs hate fireworks. Here’s how to calm an anxious dog

The simple contraption consists of a sock with the end cut away. The sock is placed over the dog’s head keeping its ears tightly shut.

Caitlin Miller says her dogs have taken to the idea quite well, although she admits that other dogs may not be so willing to have something placed around their head.

Trials successful!

Miss Miller’s two dogs - 5-month-old Jack Russell, Cookie, and 9-year-old Pomchi, Ruby – seem perfectly relaxed in recent trials. Miller suggests her dogs actually gain comfort from the sensation of having something around their head.

Miller says it is an affordable answer to the problem of firework fever, and far cheaper than the defenders currently on sale in pet shops.