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Spooky sightings have led owners to ask, do ghost dogs really exist?

ghost dog standing on stairs dog-wow
© Joey Nolan - Youtube

A series of spooky encounters with canine shaped apparitions have led some dog-lovers to speculate if our dearly departed pooches can visit us from the afterlife!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 31/10/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

Back in April 2018, Michelle Creighton said goodbye to Oakley, her precious six-year-old Great Dane. But just as Michelle was coming to terms with her loss, she believes Oakley came back for one last visit. Michelle thinks Oakley appeared as a shadow behind the curtain as she sat at home late one night.

Michelle managed to snap a picture of the shadow. She then shared it online to see if anyone else noticed the resemblance. And they could. In fact, thousands of people agreed the shadow was shaped like a Great Dane's head.

Ghostly canines

And then we have those stories about the Holly Hotel, a 'haunted' guest house in Michigan, USA. Over the years, guests and visitors claimed to have seen several different ghosts, including a phantom terrier dog that wanders the corridors during the early hours. And here's the really spooky part - locals say the guest house's original owners, a Mr & Mrs Hirst, actually owned a Scottish Terrier!

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The real thing or a trick of the light?

Then last year, a security camera appeared to capture a young boy walking a ghost dog through a family home in Long Island, New York. The 60-second clip received almost 900k views on Youtube. Some viewers seemed convinced it showed ghostly goings-on; others remained sceptical, claiming it was all just a trick of the light.

And lastly there was this 'sighting' of a ghost dog - although (somewhat unsurprisingly) it turned out to be a hoax. Some dogs will do anything for an extra bit of attention!

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