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Passengers heart broken when they see what their conductor is doing

Montage of the removal of a stray cat from Chinese train cat-serious
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In a break from the usual stories of cats and dogs being warmly welcomed aboard public transport we bring you news of one cat that met the wrong train conductor.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 29/10/2020, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

It all begins on board a high-speed train travelling through North West China. On board, the conductor begins his rounds to make sure all of his passengers have valid tickets for passage.

Soon, he spots a cat travelling alone and clearly not in possession of a ticket. Wasting no time the conductor escorts the stowaway from the carriage, and delivers it to the platform of the next station.

TikTok vitriol

Many a spleen was vented on TikTok that day; some onlookers suggesting that the cat should have been kept on board, and some that being plonked on an unfamiliar platform may have been a death sentence.

Although the general Chinese penchant for pet cats has surged since 2018, authorities are not as tolerant of animals as some other countries. Cats and dogs discovered on public transport -  if unaccompanied - are quickly removed.

A further reason for the train company’s response may stem from the results of ongoing Chinese research which reveals cats to be potential carriers of Covid-19.

Lucky break?

The moggy should at least be thankful it was discovered in the north of the country. In the south of the country people eat an estimated 10,000 cats per day!

Who knows what has happened to this poor cat? We can only hope that if it was chipped it has since been reunited with its owner.

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