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Woman rescues a kitten and notices something unusual about the kitten's paws

Last month a worker at a cat sanctuary was doing all she could to nurse a kitten to health. In the end the kitten’s fate was determined by the strength of its feline heart.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 23/10/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

Charity Saving One Life was delighted to welcome Stella into the fold, and for several good reasons. 

Stella was one of six kittens born by caesarean section in September of this year; she was also the only survivor.  To add to her woes, the kitten’s mother - a stray - was unable to look after her. Thus Stella came under the care of Arizona’s leading cat sanctuary. 

A kitten with extra toes 

Stella is a polydactyl cat: this means she has extra toes on her paws. 

Volunteer Caroline Grace was keen to foster the special kitten, and she soon set to work with a stringent feeding routine to enable Stella to have the best chance of surviving. 

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Stella was still very weak in the days following her birth, and Ms Grace knew she and Stella would face good and bad times. 

A turn for the worst 

Unfortunately, Grace did not have to wait long for the kitten’s ordeal to manifest as a life-threatening fever. Stella’s health suddenly deteriorated and she was rushed to hospital to be administered with antibiotics and oxygen. 

It took seven days of treatment to ward of the infection that almost ended the life of the many-toed cat. 

It seems that Stella’s determination to enjoy life is strong enough to withstand anything life can throw at her.