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Labrador's blind owner passes out in the street, dog's reaction is beyond moving

dog guarding her owner dog-wow
© Twitter: @RexChapman

A super loyal labrador showed why these pooches make the best service dogs when she protected her unconsciousness human until the emergency services arrived!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 22/10/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

Nina the Labrador loves her job. And she takes it very, very seriously. Her main duties include keeping a watchful eye over her owner, who is blind and diabetic.

Nina guides her human on shopping trips, lends a helping paw around the house, and can even answer the telephone. And, of course, she's always on call for a cuddle. Nina doesn't even ask for any overtime pay, although she does appreciate an extra treat or two.

Guide dog and loyal protector

And Nina recently proved just how loyal she is when her owner passed out from low blood sugar during a walk. Nina raised the alarm by barking as loud as she could, then she stood guard over her favourite person until the paramedics arrived.

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Even then, Nina seemed reluctant to let go of her best friend. As we said, this is a dog that takes her role as guardian and protector very seriously.

Something every dog person knows

A passerby captured the moving moment on camera. They shared the footage on Twitter, along with a message which pooch lovers like us are all too familiar with: 

"This is Nina. She's protecting her hooman - Dogs...We don't deserve them!"

Paramedics took Nina's owner to hospital for a check-up. He's now back at home, where's he's being well looked after by his furry helper and best friend. Good girl, Nina! She's a genuine super pooch!

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