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Kitten who won't stop meowing at shelter worker finally gets what he wanted

Grey kitten cat-happy
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Life hadn't been sweet for Sugar, but he was determined to turn things around and choose his new owner himself. Fortunately, the man in question didn't mind.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 21/10/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

When Sugar, an adorable little grey kitten, arrived along with his siblings at Exploits Valley SPCA, the staff quickly realised that the tiny feline was very poorly. He needed urgent treatment for a respiratory virus, so while his siblings found new homes, Sugar had to stay longer at the shelter to get better.

But Sugar didn't mind having to stay at the shelter for a while longer. He thoroughly enjoyed it. The friendly feline bonded with everyone and made sure that staff and volunteers knew he was around. Right from the start, he was very talkative, mostly when he wanted to attract the attention of one particular member of staff, Glen.

Chatty kitty

Glen often had the job of cleaning Sugar's room. Each time Glen would go in, Sugar would get very excited and start meowing at him to get attention. Whenever Sugar caught a glimpse of Glen, she would meow and meow until Glen would give the adorable kitten the attention he wanted.

Glen has worked at the shelter for 30 years and not surprisingly, as an animal lover, he has fallen in love with numerous cats during his time there. But he's never adopted one. That was until he met Sugar.

While Sugar had fallen in love with Glen, the attraction was mutual. Glen hadn't any plans to adopt a cat, but there was something extraordinary about Sugar.

Sweetest outcome


Congrats to our staff member Glen who fell in love on the job. This little kitten Sugar liked Glen from the start and...

Posted by Exploits Valley SPCA Adoptables on Wednesday, August 19, 2020

The kind-hearted cat lover couldn't imagine anyone else taking his special little friend and decided to officially adopt Sugar.

Sugar was, of course, delighted and has settled in very well into his new home with Glen and Glen's other cat.

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