Watch: Brave kitten takes on huge Dalmatian and the results are hilarious

Kitten and dog playing together dog-cat-happy

A feisty kitten proved she isn't afraid of anything when she tested her big dog brother's patience. But, luckily for her, the jumbo-sized pooch has seen it all before!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 05/07/2021, 06:30

Louie and Cleo are the perfect little and large duo. Louie, a full-grown Dalmatian, is one of the biggest dogs on any block, while his kitten sister Cleo barely comes past his paws!

The pair have been together since Louie's dog mum adopted Cleo when the kitten was just two weeks old. They formed an instant bond and love a little bit of snuggle time.

Sibling rivalry

But like any big brother and little sister, they have their ups and downs. And they're mostly brought on by Cleo's cheeky antics and determination to get under her big bro's fur.

Cleo's latest caper was caught on camera by her owner. The short Youtube clip shows a relaxed-looking Louie chilling on his dog bed. But then, Cleo starts to terrorize her brother with pounces, lunges, and play scratches.

Cleo gets away with anything!

At one point Cleo leaps up and attempts to hang off Louie's muzzle. But he isn't having any of it. He just shakes the kitten loose, then gives her a look that seems to say, "Whatever. Better luck next  time, short stuff!"

Louie's whole demeanor suggests this kind of escapade happens on a daily basis. And luckily for Cleo, her big brother has all the patience in the world. In fact, it looks like he lets her get away with pretty much anything. Now that's love!