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Hilarious new card game proves that pet owners look just like their cats

A cat that looks like its owner cat-wow
© gezgethings - Instagram

Do you ever stare at your kitty and think, "you look familiar?" If so, you're not the only one, because these hilarious pics prove owners are drawn to cats who look just like them!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 18/10/2020, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

The pictures are from a new card game called "Do You Look Like Your Cat?" And the concept is pretty simple. Players have to match images of cats with a picture of their owners. Whoever gets the most "purr-fect" matches wins.

"Do You Look Like Your Cat?" is the brainchild of animal photographer Gerrard Gethings. He was inspired after noticing some striking similarities between his friends and their furry little companions.

Finding your "purr-fect" match!

Gethings gave his social media followers a sneak preview of the cards by posting a few of them on Instagram. And we have to say, "Do you Look Like Your Cat?" seems like a pretty easy game to us. In fact, most of the people and their pussycats look like twins!

First of all, there's Walt and his pal Charlie. The pair have the same apprehensive look in their eyes - like they know some bad news is waiting just around the corner. And they even have matching mustaches.

Tom and Jasper are more upbeat. They love hanging out together and even co-ordinate their outfits!

Are they twins?

And then we've got this soulful duo. They look like a pair of deep thinkers who spend evenings curled up on the sofa contemplating the big questions. Or maybe they just drink wine and eat cat treats instead.

Do cats get attached to their owners in the same way dogs do?

You can buy "Do You Look Like your Cat?" from online stores. And don't worry if you're more of a pooch person; there's' a "Do You Look Like Your Dog version?" too!

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