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Dogs find univited guest in the living room and react in the most hilarious way

Two scared looking dogs dog-wow
© halfhuskybros - Instagram

A pair of Husky crossbreeds had an early October fright after they encountered a walking and talking Halloween decoration that looks like it came from out of space!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 16/10/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

Earlier this week, dog mum Kelly Boccieri decided to introduce her fur babies to a new houseguest - a 2-foot talking animatronic alien that's visiting for Halloween.

The Husky crossbreeds, Champ and Tyson, are friendly pups who love meeting new people. However, the pair were less than impressed with this strange encounter. In fact, they went into full guard dog mode and started barking the house down!

Who's this guy?

Boccieri, a social influencer from New York City, filmed her dog's priceless reaction before sharing the video on Instagram. She also added some hilarious speech bubbles that translated the dog's barks into 'human.' And they say a lot about our dogs' priorities!  "Where did you come from?" asks Champ at first. But then his brother Tyson pipes up with a far more important question: "Are you here to take our dinner?" 

The video received over 90,000 views and hundreds of comments. Some fans said they couldn't stop laughing at the clip, while others were more impressed with the dog's commitment to protecting their humans from this unexplained visitor.

Brave and loyal pooches

"They are so cute. They stay together and work as a team to get help,"  posted one person.

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"Get a pair of dogs like these guys," wrote another, "They'll always back you up!"