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Dog abandoned for being ‘ugly’ stuns everyone with his incredible transformation

Dog with facial deformity dog-wow
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Abandoned by his owners and with only half a nose and covered in bites and scars, this loving pup has stunned his rescuers with his amazing transformation.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 15/10/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

When a local animal control officer spotted Bjarni wandering the streets alone in Huntsville, Texas, with just half a nose, he was picked and taken to an animal shelter.

But while everyone had initially assumed that the dog was a stray, shelter staff discovered that he actually had a family. However, it turned out that his family wanted nothing to do with the poor pup and refused to collect him and take him home.

Facial disfigurement

But that wasn’t the only thing Bjarni had to worry about. Because half his nose was missing, it meant that he struggled with eating and even breathing was difficult for him.

His body was also covered in bite marks and scars. Shelter staff suspected that they had been caused by dogs attacking him. Despite his happy and sweet nature, the future was looking bleak for the poor dog.

The shelter decided to contact St. Francis’ Angels, an animal rights organisation based in Texas. They are known for helping dogs in desperate situations, just like Bjarni, so shelter staff hoped that the organisation would be able to do something to make their canine friend more comfortable and give him a brighter outlook.

Bjarni’s transformation

Fortunately, founder Anne Graber agreed to help Bjarni, and she got in touch with Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists to see what they could do for the dog. And so Bjarni’s transformation began. Bjarni underwent surgery to have his entire face realigned to make breathing and eating easier and more comfortable. The surgery went well, and Bjarni made a remarkable recovery.

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Now he had a new face; it was time to find Bjarni a new family. Fortunately, a new loving family was just around the corner. When the couple met Bjarni, they immediately fell in love with him and wanted to adopt him. Finally, Bjarni would get the happy ending everyone wished for.