Cat who was ignored at shelter becomes social media star thanks to unique eyes

A white cat from behind cat-wow

A white cat with two different coloured eyes struggled to find a forever home until a special person finally came along who appreciated this kitty's unique beauty!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 25/06/2021, 06:30

Two-year-old Scottish Fold cat Joseph has a condition called Heterochromia. It's a unique phenomenon where animals are born with two different coloured eyes. In Joseph's case, he's got one bright blue eye and another that's a sunflower yellow colour.

His distinctive looks have earned him an army of fans on Instagram and this odd-eyed feline has featured in news stories all over the world. But Joseph wasn't always so popular. In fact, until his cat dad Evgenii Petrov came along, Joseph kept getting passed over for the 'normal'-looking kitties at the shelter.

A very special looking kitty

But Evgenii wasn't interested in 'normal.' Evgenii wanted something special, and he knew he'd found it when he saw Joseph. Speaking to the Daily Mail, Evgenii said:

"When I saw his photo, I didn't believe he was real. I called, and I was happy when I heard that it was. And a day later Joseph was at home. It was love at first sight!"

Joseph's condition doesn't affect his health in any other way. He's a "purr-fectly" happy and healthy cat, and his eyes work just as well as any other kitty on the block.

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"Heterochromia is a rare condition, especially in Scottish Fold cats," continued Evgenii. "But Joseph still has sharp sight. He just looks different."

Joseph has plenty of admirers

And as far as Joseph's admirers are concerned, his difference is what makes him so beautiful.

 "He is stunning!" posted one person on Joseph's Instagram page. "Those eyes are gorgeous," confirmed another.