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Fun playtime for this Corgi and cat showing us that the cat is the boss!

Bouncy and Seventeen play in a cat house dog-cat-happy
© Jenny Miler – YouTube

The owner of a cat and dog posted a video of the moment the pair ‘came to blows’.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 11/10/2020, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

It is always a welcome relief to find pictures of cute and cuddly animals on the net these days. A video taken only a few days ago is the latest in a string of captures of the lighter side of life. 

The pet owner from the north-eastern city of Lianyungang shared the footage last weekend. In the video, an American shorthair cat called Seventeen paws his canine sibling as the latter tries to leave the cat house. The two had been playing, but Bouncy the Corgi had presumably tired of the play and headed out.

‘Not to be,’ thinks Seventeen who insists the dog returns to the cat house for more fun and frivolity.

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General use and abuse

Other videos from the owner show how the pair gets on like a house on fire, and how Seventeen appears to have the upper hand. Still, Bouncy is only two months old, and time will tell if Seventeen is still as willing to push around a dog that may end up ten times heavier than it.

Sworn enemies? Not always.

Although dogs and cats have been sworn enemies since the dawn of time some are known to forge strong partnerships. In 2013 Fox News even reported on a dog called Jack saving a cat called Kitty from the clutches of a wild Coyote.

We say: long live Bouncy and Seventeen! They seem to have the balance just right.