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Little boy wanders the streets alone and meets Pitbull, what follows is incredible

Taylor is reunited with his father dog-wow
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A child who went missing has been found safe and well after leaving his home in St Louis, Missouri. Parents reunited were astonished to learn of a guardian angel. 

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 10/10/2020, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

Taylor is only just beginning to learn to walk. But, last week he decided to take a stroll and walked out of the family home and into the streets of Missouri’s largest metropolitan area.

His parents were distraught and immediately took to the streets in a panicked effort to find their son. 

A walk in the park 

What they did not know was that Taylor had made his way to a nearby park, and had there met a Pitbull Terrier. What they also did not know - nor would ever believe - was that for the next few hours the dog looked after Taylor as the boy strolled around the park in bare feet.

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By chance, a passing dog walker spotted the boy, and noticed how loyal and protective the Pitbull appeared to be. She was nevertheless concerned that the boy was seemingly without his parents. 

Desperate search

The dog walker spent the next few hours knocking on doors in a vain attempt to try to find Taylor’s parents. In the end she posted to Facebook that she had found Taylor, and she was later able to reunite the boy with his parents. 

As for the dog, incredibly it was a well-meaning stray, a kind and willing dog that took it upon itself to look after the boy. St Louis authorities are now in the process of rehoming it.