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A couple come home from work and see a dog , quickly realise they're wrong

a strange lookin animal caught in the headlights dog-wow
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A couple driving back from work had a wild encounter with a creature from down under after they spotted something that looked like a large dog standing on its back legs!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 06/10/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

Jack Carthey and Megan Thomas had just finished a long shift at a McDonald's in St Austell, Cornwall when they spotted a large creature hopping along the street. At first, the couple thought it was a big dog jumping on his back legs. After all, what else could it be?  This is Cornwall, a place which isn't well-known for its exotic species.

But when Jack drove up alongside the animal, a routine journey home turned into an urban safari adventure. Because it wasn't a dog; it was a fully grown Wallaby! A close relative to the Kangaroo, Wallabies are usually spotted skipping around the Australian outback or the forests of New Guinea.

Seeing is believing

The couple managed to catch the encounter on video. And it's a good job they did. Otherwise, Jack and Sarah are convinced that nobody would have believed them. Speaking to a local newspaper, Jack said:

 "I've been showing people the video, and they still don't quite believe it."

Jack alerted the local police, who said it was one of the most unusual calls they'd ever received. In fact, they probably thought it was a prank call.

The marsupial is still out there!

But any suspicions vanished when police received a second tip-off a few hours later. Another member of the public had spotted the marsupial skipping towards the local football club.

The Wallaby is still on run, and nobody has got any idea where it came from!

If you wish to see the full video, click here