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Having a bad day? These adorable kittens will make you smile

Cute kittens cat-happy
© kitty_littlethings/@gramcats2 - Instagram

Sometimes we just have one of those days were nothing goes well. But here at Wamiz, we like to cheer you up and show you a few adorable pictures of kitty cuteness. So here are 10 cute cat posts. Get ready to smile!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 04/07/2021, 07:30

Pictures and videos of cute kittens on the internet are like an addiction: you can never get enough of them! If you're having a bad day, don't worry! We at Wamiz have put together ten very special pictures from Instagram.

So sit comfortably, grab a hot beverage and get ready to smile all the way through this article.


The best cat photos of Instagram

1. Cuddle up and stay warm!


A post shared by kitten (@catslover.ig) on

What better way to stay warm than to cuddle up with your best friend. These two have got the right idea!

2. It's all in the eyes!


A post shared by cute cats (@kitty_littlethings) on

What is that makes kittens so adorable? We can't quite put our paws on it, but those big beautiful eyes melt our hearts every time! Just look at them!

3. That Monday morning feeling!


A post shared by Jupipurrr Meowdel (@jupipurrrmeow) on

Even cats get the Monday morning blues. Check out this grumpy guy! The only thing he wants to do is hit that snooze button. 

4. Make it milky!


A post shared by Scottish Fold Tommy (@tommymaxbella) on

There's one surefire way to power through those early morning meetings - coffee, and lots of it. We reckon this little beauty likes hers with extra milk!

5. A winter boost


A post shared by Beautiful❤️Cute🐈 (@cat_photoshot_) on

Spring feels like a lifetime away! So here's a pic of a cute cat with flowers in her hair to keep you going through the dark months ahead.

6. A game of cat and mouse


A post shared by animals lovers for ever (@animals_lovers_to_the_end) on

In the ongoing battle between Tom the Mouse and Jerry the cat, most of us side with Jerry. But not this dude. He backs Tom every time. Just a shame the poor guy always comes off worse. Those mice are smarter than they look!

7. Who's really in charge, here? 


A post shared by The Meowist Cats Co (@themeowistcats) on

He might be tiny, but would you say no to this angry looking kitten if he asked for a second treat?

8. Simply adorable


A post shared by Cute Cats of Instagram (@gramcats2) on

This little critter is simply adorable. No more words are needed. So just soak up the cuteness.

9. A furry little family


A post shared by TheCatCo (@thecat_co) on

The only thing cuter than a kitty is a bunch of kitties!

10. We're staying in bed today...


A post shared by World 4 Cats 🌍 (@world4catsxl) on

No thanks, world. We're staying in bed today. We'll catch up with you tomorrow!