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WATCH: Dobermann chases postman but nobody could imagine what happened next

Dobermann waiting for postman dog-wow
© Nic Zemi - YouTube

Most dogs seem to have a thing for postal workers and Kado the Dobermann is no different. But that doesn’t mean the delivery man can't also have some fun too.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 06/10/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

The relationship between a postal worker and a dog can sometimes be a difficult one which has seen 2,445 postmen and women attacked by a dog in the last year.

But not all canines react so aggressively. Some pups actually look forward to their daily Royal Mail visitor.

Dobermann Vs Postman

A clip shared online gives a unique insight into the dog and postman relationship. Filmed in the US, it shows a postal worker walking up the street towards a Dobermann called Kado, who is watching the man intently. As the man gets closer, the dog gets into a stalking type pose, and the man stops still.

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As the video zooms in, you can see postal worker begin to walk backwards slowly as the dog walks towards him. Then suddenly, the man turns and runs back down the road with the dog in hot pursuit. As the dog catches up with the man, it grabs his bag, turns around and runs back the way it came with the postal worker chasing after it.

Looks can be deceiving

But while it may look as if the dog was aggressively chasing after the postman, viewers soon realise that the pair were actually playing a fun game together.

Kado is trained to carry packages in his mouth as revealed in another video where the clever canine carries their owner’s shopping bag in their mouth.

So when Kado caught up with the postal worker, he naturally wanted to take the man’s bag and carry it back up the street for him. Perhaps he should get a job as a canine courier!