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Chihuahua gives birth to 10 puppies, shocking discovery the next day

Pregnant chihuahua dog-wow
© Liliana Arduino - Facebook

All new mums deserve an award. But this Chihuahua became an official world-record holder after she gave birth to 11 puppies. And she did it on National Puppy Day!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 07/10/2020, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

On 23rd March every year dog lovers in the USA celebrate National Puppy Day. And it was on this same date when caregivers from a rescue shelter in Kansas were helping a Chihuahua bring her babies into the world.

The pregnant pooch, named LOL because of her goofy ways, was doing a great job. She delivered her first few pups with no complications, and her human helpers thought this would be a straightforward birth.

The puppies kept coming

But five puppies later, they noticed something rather unusual. LOL's belly hadn't gone down in size, and the puppies were still coming! Josie Brown witnessed the miracle birth. She said: 

"One came out, and then one more came out, and you know, two, three, four, five more came out, and she still was round and bulbous. Obviously, there were more puppies in there."

By the time LOL was 'finished' 10 bundles of little joy had arrived, equalling the world record for the biggest litter from a Chihuahua. But LOL clearly wasn't happy with just equalling the record, she wanted to smash it!

A world-record holder 

Because when staff checked on her the next day, another puppy had appeared! They are still not sure if someone miscounted or if LOL squeezed another one out when no-one was looking. Either way, it looks like this super mum was determined to go down in the history books!