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Couple shocked when they watch CCTV and discover what their dog does at night

beagle sleeping on white sheets dog-wow

Dogs have very different sleeping patterns than we do. But since we sleep at night too, we don’t necessarily notice it. This couple got to the bottom of things using a camera.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 28/06/2021, 06:30

Every night, this couple sleeps with their Beagle, Bruno, in between them. Curious as to how this may look, the couple decided to set up a camera, and to use a time lapse feature when watching the footage.

The video they ended up with was incredible.

Dog insomnia?

Indeed, Bruno can be seen tossing and turning ALL NIGHT. Sometimes he sleeps near his parents’ heads, sometimes by their feet. Sometimes he sleeps on his back, sometimes he sleeps on his side. Sometimes he jumps off the bed for a quick break before returning to his slumber.

Though through this time lapse footage, Bruno seems quite agitated, this is actually perfectly normal.

Dog sleeping patterns

Though dogs need a lot more sleep than we do, (12-14 hours a day, and sometimes more depending on breed and age), their sleeping pattern is very different from ours. It’s sporadic, which means that instead of falling into one, long deep sleep, their sleep is lighter and shorter. In fact, dogs tend to wake up every 20 minutes or so…which can be disturbing for some people who like to have them in their beds!

But not this couple. They slept all through the night, and comfortably too, it seems. Well Bruno, you’re one lucky dog!

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