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Viewers stunned to see how this Doberman reacts to little girl's embrace

They are referred to as man's best friend, but this Doberman shows that our canine companions can also be best friends with even the youngest members of the family.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 05/10/2020, 09:00

We can learn so many things from our dog's behaviour, personality, patience and resilience. Not to mention their unwavering willingness to give their family their unconditional love and loyalty.

This can be seen first hand in a heartwarming video shared on YouTube. The stars of the short clip are a young girl in a cute pink hat and a gentle Doberman.

Young dog lover

While the dog's height almost dwarfs the little girl, the youngster doesn't appear at all perturbed. In fact, she looks as if she is having the time of her life patting and stroking the dog from head to tail.

As the young girl's father records the special moment unfold in front of him, the dog stands patiently as the little girl pats and strokes her.

Doggy kisses

The dog then has a big yawn, perhaps bored with all the attention, turns to look at the little girl and leans in to give her a lick on the face. But the girl decides she doesn't want doggy kisses and bats the dog's snout away.

The dog doesn't seem to mind at all though. She carries on standing by the young girl who leans and pats her with a massive smile on her face.