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Free vet consultations online with this special promo code

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Talk to a vet free online entering promo code WAMIZ20 on MyFamilyVets.co.uk

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If your pet is ill and you're not sure how serious it is, a video consulation with a vet could be the answer – and it’s also free this October if you use the promo code WAMIZ20 here.

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the 14/10/2020, 07:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

Vet company MyFamilyVets is offering free online consultations by using the promo code WAMIZ20 here during October.

As a pet owner it can be quite stressful when your animal isn’t quite themself. Perhaps your cat isn’t eating as much as normal. Or your dog is suddenly having accidents in the house. An extra complication is if it's the middle of the night.

In the past, in situations like this you’d either stay home, keep an eye on your pet and wait to see if they become better, or you might head straight to a vet to put your mind at rest. But now there’s a third option: talking to professionals online.

Book a free online vet consultation here. Enter promo code WAMIZ20

A video consultation with a vet, as more and more pet owners are finding, can be useful in several ways. It allows you to talk face-to-face with a fully qualified professional without even leaving your home – and at any time of the day. This is especially useful during the Covid pandemic.

The professional you'll be speaking to will try to answer all your queries and give advice on what to do next for your pet. As such, the consultation can help you decide whether a full-blown trip to the vet is actually necessary. 

It’s a quick and easy process to arrange and take part in the appointment on your phone, computer or tablet.

Use the promo code WAMIZ20 here during October and your consultation will be free. This offer is valid throughout the month and for a variety of consultations, including for small animals and cats and dogs.

Video chat with a vet for free here. Use promo code WAMIZ20