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OFFICIAL: Dogs are Great Britain's favourite creature, ahead of cats and horses

A small puppy is carried over the shoulder of a young man dog-happy
© Pixabay

It may not come as a surprise, given the recent talk of how they are the saviours of our quarantine: Dogs are now officially recognised as the nation’s favourite animal (just).

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 30/09/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:25

Beating cats and robins to the top spot, dogs are the leaders of love, according to an online pop survey carried out by Channel 5.

The broadcaster decided to undertake the study in tandem with its showing of a remake of All Creatures Great and Small.

Respondents tip the balance

Of 2,000 respondents, 51% of adults admitted dogs were their favourite animals and 38% said cats did it for them. Cats were followed closely by robins, horses and hedgehogs. 

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Of animals kept as pets, 70% of those who took part in the survey said their pet was part of the family. 55% listed limitless affection as one of the best things about owning a pet. 61% said their pet kept them company. 

All Creatures Great and Small first aired back in 1978. The series was based upon the writings of British vet Alf Wight, who wrote under the pseudonym James Herriot.

Pets in the limelight

The remake of the show comes off the back of Britain’s renewed appreciation of their cats and dogs and a wider interest in the incredible work of vets and veterinary surgeons. 

According to Country Living which published the findings of the survey, hamsters came in last on the nation’s list of favourites. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Mail Online in March of this year revealed the startling news that hamsters in 2020 were only a fifth as popular as chickens.