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People shocked at how much this dog mum spends a month just to feed her pups

Owner walking her dogs dog-happy
© Claire Mather - Facebook

You can't put a price on love, especially when it comes to pooches. And that's why this incredible dog mum doesn't mind spending £200 a week on feeding her gang of 13 pups!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 30/09/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:25

Claire Mather, 44, lives in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, with her husband, three children, and 13 dogs! They include 10 Irish Wolfhounds - officially the world's' tallest breed - as well as a White Swiss Shepherd, a Lurcher, and a Whippet.

Leader of the pack Claire adopted her first dog eight years ago and has never looked back. She now spends the majority of her day caring for the giant pooch posse. That includes walkies, grooming, and feeding.

Barking mad?

And as you can imagine, feeding ten of the biggest dogs in the world isn't cheap; it costs around £200 a week to keep their bellies full.

Some people probably think Claire is barking mad. But she and her family wouldn't have it in any other way. In fact, they even moved house because the dogs needed more space. And it's fair to say these are some of the most pampered pooches on the planet.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Claire said:

"They have their kitchen, bathroom, and living room with sofas. They're spoilt to bits!."

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Walkies are a real handful

Claire often gets a few funny looks when people see her walking 13 dogs on a leash. But she doesn't care."Living with our hounds is our life," she said. "We wouldn't change it for the world.'

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