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WATCH: Golden with terminal cancer refuses to go anywhere without his octopus

Golden Retriever and octopus toy dog-happy
© Jenny Leech - Facebook

Life has been tough for Theo, abandoned in a car park, then diagnosed with terminal cancer. But when he’s got his beloved toy octopus, things always feel so much better.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 29/09/2020, 12:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:25

When Theo was found alone in a supermarket car park in Illinois, he was taken in by a local dog rescue charity. After he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, the shelter placed him with foster carer Jenny Leech, joining her pack of 10 rescue dogs.

Jenny took the 12-year-old Golden Retriever to her local pet shop to get him a collar and name tag. But Theo was more interested in checking out the dog toys, and one, in particular, caught his eye, a teal-coloured octopus. Seeing how excited Theo was at this toy, Jenny couldn’t resist buying it for him.


From that day onwards, Theo won’t go anywhere without his beloved toy octopus. He takes it anywhere he goes, whether it’s to the park or just to bed, he won’t let the toy out of his sight. When he’s having a tough day, his octopus is guaranteed to perk him up.

Seeing just how important the octopus was to Theo, Jenny went on the hunt for a spare, just in case he lost it. She posted about her octopus toy search on Facebook, explaining just how much the dog loved his toy.

A gang of octopi

When her post caught the attention of the Live Like Roo Foundation who had paid for Theo’s diagnostic testing, Jenny was stunned when the foundation sent Theo a box of TEN octopus toys! Theo was in heaven and happily posed for a photo surrounded by all his new toys.

Jenny doesn’t know how long she has with Theo, so she’s determined to make his last weeks as happy as possible, even creating a bucket list for him to ensure he has lots of fun.