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German Shepherd keeps vigil by front door until her Dad returns from hospital

German Shepherd called Leia sitting behind front door of house dog-sad
© Katie Snyder - Facebook

When Katie Snyder’s dog Leia moved in with her Dad, the pair became inseparable, so much so that when Katie’s Dad didn’t return one evening, Leia kept a heartbreaking vigil.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 25/09/2020, 19:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:25

When Katie’s Mum and Dad went out one night for their 40th wedding anniversary, Katie’s Dad experienced some unexpected secondary complications following his cancer treatment and was taken to the hospital.

While he had to stay in hospital overnight, Katie’s mum wasn’t able to due to COVID-19 restrictions, so she had to return home alone.

Unbreakable bond

Leia, Katie’s German Shepherd, was devastated not to see her best friend walk through the door.

In a photo that Katie’s Mum sent to her daughter, Leia is standing by the front door waiting for Katie’s Dad with her head bowed. She didn’t understand why he hadn’t come home too. The heartbreaking photo made Katie burst into tears, and it revealed just how much Leia loved her Dad and how much she missed him when he wasn’t home.

What makes Leia’s reaction even more heartfelt is that she isn’t usually a cuddly dog that shows her emotional vulnerability. But without Katie’s Dad there, Leia didn’t hold back from showing how she felt and how much she missed her favourite human.

Happy reunion!

When Katie’s Dad finally returned home the following day, Leia couldn’t contain her excitement, and both he and Leia were so happy to be reunited. Katie describes Leia as the true definition of a dog when it comes to loyalty. Her Dad is Leia’s human now.

As Katie’s Dad and Leia have developed such a strong bond, Kaite has decided to let her Dad keep Leia permanently.