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Cat abandoned for having extra toes and odd eyes now steals hearts on Instagram

White cat with different coloured eyes cat-happy
© sansa.thecat - Instagram

While Sansa's owners cruelly threw her out just because she has extra toes and different coloured eyes, the unique but beautiful cat is finally getting all the love she deserves.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 26/09/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:25

There's something very unique about Sansa. The beautiful snowy white cat was born with different coloured eyes, one blue and one green, known as heterochromia, and extra toes – six on each front paw and five and four on her back feet. But while Sansa may look beautiful to you, her unique features led her former owners to abandon her on the streets of New York.

Luckily, rescue centre staff found her, though that wasn't the end of her problems. Sansa suffered from severe anxiety and had to be kept in a carrier all the time. It was clear that she needed to find a loving forever home as soon as possible.

Love at first sight

Fortunately, at an adoption event, Sansa met Karen and Steve, who quickly fell in love with the special moggy. Karen felt a strong infinity with Sansa, as she also suffers from anxiety, and vowed to give her the life she deserves.

It took her a while to learn to trust Karen and Steve, and she also began to show some strange behaviours. She was eventually diagnosed with a type of anxiety called Feline Hyperesthesia Disorder. Thanks to pet CBD oil, Sansa's anxiety attacks are now under control, and she's much more relaxed, so much so, she's claimed their apartment as her own, earning her the nickname, Queen Sansa.

Instagram star!

But it's not just Karen and Steve who have fallen in love with Sansa. She now has an online fan club of 21,000 Instagram followers who can't get enough of her unique beauty.

Karen hopes that Sansa’s story will encourage more cat lovers to consider adopting special needs cats just like her.

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