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Driver stops in busy rush-hour traffic to rescue trapped kitten

Black kitten that was stuck in barrier cat-wow
© Kristyn Gamblain - Facebook

When a Texas motorist spots a tiny kitten trapped in a barrier by the side of a busy road she doesn’t think twice about pulling over in rush-hour traffic to help.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 25/09/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:25

Kristyn Gamblain from Fort Worth, Texas, was driving to work when something small and furry on the side of the road caught her eye. She had been travelling at 60mph, so all she’d seen was a flash of something black. But it was enough for her to think that it had been a kitten.

She decided to turn around, getting off at the next exit to head back the way she’d come to see if she could find what had caught her eye. She suddenly spotted the black fur ball she had seen earlier and pulled over.

Shocking discovery

There trapped headfirst in the crack of a Jersey road barrier was a tiny cat. Somehow, the kitten had managed to get itself wedged in just a 2-inch space between the barriers. Kristyn knew that she needed to act fast if she was going to be able to save the frightened feline. She tried to wiggle the cat out, but couldn’t get her hands deep enough inside the crack to get a hold on the cat.

Fortunately, help soon arrived in the form of highway patrol Officer Bennett and Officer Galbraith. While other officers arrived to divert traffic safely away, Kristyn asked Officer Galbraith to try getting the cat out as she had smaller hands. Despite their best efforts, they still couldn’t get the cat loose, so Officer Bennett used her multi-tool to chip away at the cement as they used Kristyn's sandal in the gap to help push the cat out.

Happy ending

Finally, their hard work paid off, and they were able to get the kitten out. But that’s not the end of the story.

As Kristyn cuddled the little kitten, Officer Galbraith asked her if she planned to keep it. Despite only adopting a new pet a week before, Kristyn didn’t think twice about it and named the kitten Jersey, as a reminder of how they met!

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