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Cheeky dog caught pulling funny faces, hilariously ruining family photos

Dogs posing for photo dog-happy
© yokokikuchi_ks - Instagram

An incredibly mischievous white Shiba dog manages to ruin every single family photo taken of him alongside her canine siblings and the results are hilarious!

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 24/09/2020, 12:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:25

If you’ve experienced the challenge of trying to get your children to pose together for a family photo, imagine what it’s like if you are the parent of four fur siblings!

Yoko Kikuchi lives in Hong Kong with her four beautiful dogs, Hina, Sasha, Kikko and Momo. She decided it would be nice to arrange to have a photo taken of her four pooches together, but it seemed that Hina, a white Shiba, had other ideas.

Posing pooches

As the four dogs are posed together for the family photo, Hina refuses to comply. While her siblings sit perfectly still looking at the camera, Hina, the youngest of her siblings, pulls silly faces, yawns, looks in a different direction and even turns her back to the camera.

Fortunately, Hina’s owner doesn’t seem to mind that one of her pups doesn’t always comply for family snaps. In fact, Yoko takes so many photos she often catches her dogs in funny moments. 

Cheeky pup 

Surprisingly, Hina is usually the most obedient pooch in the family and is so good on walks that she doesn’t even need to be put on a lead.

However, she does have a reputation for chewing shoes and cables which has not surprisingly earned her the nickname, ‘Destroyer’. But while Hina may be the cheekiest pup in the pack, she’s actually very shy around humans, preferring to spend her time with dogs.