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Watch: Hilarious video shows what happens when a sheepdog works from home

Dog staring at sheep on a computer screen dog-wow
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Since the outbreak of Covid-19, many of us have got used to working from home. But there are some jobs you just can't do from the sofa, and that includes chasing sheep!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 23/09/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:25

Ever wondered how a sheepdog works from home? Well, this cute video has the answer. And it proves that some dogs are genuine workaholics.

The short clip, published by the Metro Newspapers, shows a Border Collie staring at a laptop. But this pooch isn't catching up on his favourite Netflix series. Instead, he's watching sheep run around a field!

This guy loves his job

The enthusiastic pooch can't take his eyes off the screen. And the way his ears prick up shows that he just wants to out in the field, doing what he does best.

At one point, it all gets a bit too much for him; he actually starts sniffing the screen! Poor guy. Let's hope he gets out of the office soon and back to where he really belongs.

Here's everything you need to know about the working dog breeds!

Border Collies have been helping farmers for hundreds of years. Their main job is herding sheep, although they can round up other types of cattle, including cows, pigs, chickens, and even ostriches.

Sheepdog trials are on hold

They follow voice or whistle commands and are considered one of the most intelligent breeds in the world. Border Collies also highly active dogs, requiring up two hours of exercise per day.

Every year, the best Border Collies compete in Sheep Dog trials. Unfortunately, this year's competition was cancelled to the outbreak of COVID-19. Just don't tell the pooch in this video. We don't think he could handle the bad news!

Sheep dog 'works from home'

If you've ever wondered, this is how sheep dogs work from home 🐑

Posted by Metro on Sunday, September 20, 2020

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