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British rescue workers save three pooches from China’s cruel dog meat trade

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British rescue workers recently travelled to Paris to pick up three pooches who were saved from China's dog meat trade. Now the pups are looking for their first real homes.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 21/09/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:25

Glenn Ford, from The Barn Animal Rescue, collected the dogs last week. They are a Golden Retriever named Autumn, a Poodle cross who goes by the name Tanya, and Ellie the Chihuahua.

The dogs had taken a 14-hour flight from China after being rescued by Little Dog China, a UK based charity that works with Chinese activists trying to put an end to the cruel dog meat trade.

An important rescue mission

Speaking to BelfastLive, Glenn said:

"The dogs were at a shelter and stopped from going to a meat farm. A lady brings them in and feeds them the best she can, and then we go out and pick out dogs we think we could rehome."

The dogs seemed quite nervous at first and displayed obvious signs of neglect. Ellie, the Poodle cross, had suffered a fractured skull in China. She's also lost most of her teeth. The Chihuahua has a bad eye infection, as well as a large burn across her back.

The life every dog deserves

Thankfully, the trio is now under the care of veterinary specialists. And although there's a long way to go, vets are confident the pooches will make a good recovery. And with the right owner, all three dogs can go on to live the kind of life they deserve.

"It's great knowing we have saved these dogs," said Glenn. "That's what it is all about, looking after animals. It's what we are here for."