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Watch: Adorable puppy can’t stop smiling after she finds her forever home

Smiling husky puppy dog-happy
© Disprozium - reddit

An adorable puppy couldn't contain her happiness after she found a perfect forever home. Now a short clip of the cute pup has gone viral, and it's melting everyone's heart!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 22/09/2020, 12:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:25

Reddit user Disprozium has wanted a dog since she was a little girl. And last week she made her dream come true by adopting an adorable little pup called Freyja. Posting on Reddit, Disprozium wrote:

"Wanted a dog since I was eight, am 24 now, finally broke and said f*** it - meet Freyja!"

As you can imagine, Disprozium was delighted that she finally had a fur-baby to look after. In fact, as she drove Freyja home, this new dog-mum probably felt like the happiest person in the world.

The cutest smile in the world

However, there was someone else who felt even more content - and that was Freyja! A short clip shows the cute pup lying on her mum's lap. She looks as happy as can be, but when the camera zooms in, things get even more adorable.

Because that's when Freyja gazes up into her new mum's eyes and gives the cutest little smile; it's the kind of look that says things just couldn't be any better.

Freyja is going to live a very happy life

Unsurprisingly, the short clip has melted the hearts of dog lovers all over the world. It received over 30k upvotes within a few hours, as well as hundreds of comments from people gushing over Freyja.

"It's beautiful, please please please make sure you give her lots of cuddles and much love," wrote one person.

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