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GSD who hoped never to see shelter again is returned just 3 days after adoption

shepherd cross sitting in the grass dog-angry © KTOZ Krakowskie Towarzystwo Opieki nad Zwierzętami - Facebook

Kimba the German Shepherd mix was overjoyed when someone adopted him after spending two years in a rescue centre. Sadly, it was not to be his forever.

By Justine Seraphin

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When Kimba first arrived at the shelter, staff knew it would be hard to find him a home. Not because he was a “problematic” dog, but because he wasn’t what adopters typically look for.

Kimba was a mutt, already headed into his senior years, and was also shy with strangers.

Finally adopted

So when someone came forward and offered to adopt him, everyone rejoiced. Kimba had waited two long years behind bars, and it just wasn’t the right environment for him.

When Kimba walked away from the shelter, he was filled with hope for his new life. But this was not to be.

Abandoned once again

Three days after going to his new home, Kimba was brought back to the shelter. He had apparently shown too much exuberance towards his new owner’s niece. Other than that, Kimba had been the perfect dog. He had been calm and well-behaved inside the house, and hadn’t even had an “accident” even though he’d lived in a kennel for the past two years.

Despite this, he was returned. Given he was only allowed three days to prove his worth to his new owner, we reckon he deserves much better. We just hope he’ll find a new home soon.

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