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Dog adopted after years in shelter is returned 3 days later for outrageous reason

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Kimba spent over two years in an animal shelter in Poland. So when he was finally adopted, he was the happiest dog in the world! Sadly, this didn't last very long.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 17/09/2020, 21:00

Kimba had a rough past and was quite a shy and nervous dog when he arrived at the shelter. But with the help of caring shelter staff, he was able to come out of his shell and transform into a cuddle bug!

Despite this, Kimba continued to be overlooked when people came to visit the shelter.

Adoption day

Finally, on August 29th, 2 and a half years after arriving at the shelter, Kimba was adopted.

Three days later, he was brought back to the shelter. Why? Because his new owner didn’t like how excited Kimba got around children. Not that the adopter had children himself, but the fact that Kimba jumped up to greet his niece was enough for the man to give up on his new companion completely.

Kimba had been so happy to leave the shelter. He had been such a good boy in his new home. But he knew, when a member of the shelter staff showed up, that he was going back to the sad place he had tried to leave for so long.

Hoping for a second chance

Experts say rescue dogs should be given at least 3 months to settle into their new homes. It takes time for dogs to adapt to our lifestyle, let alone dogs with rough pasts.

We hope with all our might that poor Kimba will find a home soon. He was not given enough of a chance, and he so deserves one.

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