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UK cat owners spend £584 million each year keeping their pampered pets warm

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Britain's cats have never had it so good as their owners refuse to compromise on keeping their feline friends warm and cosy just to save money on their energy bills.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 17/09/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:25

Cat owners take their role as pet parents very seriously and treat their four-legged friends as members of the family. But this pampering has led to Brits racking up huge energy bills to keep their felines warm at home.

Research by Confused, the insurance comparison site, has discovered that cat owners in the UK spend a combined £584 million on energy bills each year, just to keep their pets warm and comfortable. This equates to around £121 per household, per year.

Pet power!

But it isn't just leaving the heating on that's cranking up the costs. Almost 28% of pet owners admit to leaving the radio on each day to keep their pets company. Meanwhile, a further 25% put the TV on for their pet every day. They also leave lights and fans on just to make sure their favourite felines are as comfortable as possible.

Pampered pets

While dog owners don't hold back in pampering their pooches, it's cat owners that use up the most energy. Over the lifespan of a cat, an owner will spend on average £858 while dog owners pay a little less on their canine companions at £675. If you are a pet owner living in Oxford, the study found that you will likely spend the most money on power for your pet at around £296 per pet, per year.

But as your feline friend would agree, they are definitely worth it!

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