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Cat goes missing for 2 years, his family can't believe it when they see him again

tabby cat inside cattery rubbing against human cat-happy

The Zelitsky family was heartbroken when they lost their beloved Jimmy, a 13-year-old cat. And despite their best efforts, the poor kitty was nowhere to be found.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 18/06/2021, 06:30, Updated on the 23/06/2021, 16:01

Two and a half years passed by, and the Zelitsky family had finally made peace with the idea that their beloved Jimmy was gone forever.

That’s when, out of the blue, a miracle happened.

Senior tomcat up for adoption

Susan Zelitsky was scrolling through West Milford Animal Shelter’s Facebook page when she noticed a photo of a 15-year-old tomcat that looked a lot like her Jimmy.

The Zelitsky family immediately decided to make a trip to the shelter, bringing Jimmy’s bed and toys along. If it really was Jimmy, he would recognise them right away.

Shelter staff took the family to “Jimmy’s” cattery. When the door opened, Susan said:

“Jimmy, is that you?”

Tearful reunion

The cat instantly walked towards his owners and rubbed against them with his face. The whole family started sobbing, knowing they had finally been reunited with their Jimmy.

Jimmy may have been a little more tired and fragile than he was two years prior, but he couldn’t be happier to be back with his family. Now he gets to spend the rest of his life surrounded by love and basking in comfort!

What a happy ending!

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