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Dog walker spends thousands a year to care for 90 homeless animals on her farm

Two cats and a dog lie on Adri's bed dog-cat-happy
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A dog walker from Atlanta who began her own farmstead at the beginning of last year spends an estimated $10,000 on vet’s bills every year and around $6,000 on food!

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 14/09/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:25

Adri Rachelle now shares her home with over 90 animals. Residents include pigs, dogs, cats, parrots and horses, all of which have been rescued or saved from destruction.

The woman in her 30s moved into the property in 2015. Almost immediately she earmarked the property’s guest house as a home for animals of every shape and size.

Big plans

Since then Ms Rachelle has taken on board the care of almost 100 beasts, all of which live in positive luxury. She even widened her bed in order that several of the furry friends could sleep with her.


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Bedtime cuddles

Speaking to the Mail Online, Rachelle said of the bed, “Without fail, the pigs will join me in bed and usually dogs and cats will come in too. Even though I built a ten foot wide bed, they all still sleep on top of me. I have set up tree branches in the headboard so the birds can sleep near me too.

“I've taken naps with my rats before as well.”

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Almost all of Rachelle’s animals are named after Lord of the Rings characters. She has a mule called Bilbo Baggins, a goat called Gandalf and a Spaniel called Frodo.

The project comes at a cost but Rachelle has since achieved charitable status and relies on donations for the upkeep of care.

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