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Sausage dog travels 10,000-miles to get home after COVID-19 lockdown

brown dachshund dog-happy
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A tiny sausage dog separated from her humans during the first few weeks of the COVID-19 lockdown is back home after completing a giant 10,000-mile journey.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 04/09/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:25

We all struggled during the lockdown, but few of us had it as tough as a little Daschund called Pipsqueak. The little cutie was on a sailing trip with her family, the Eilbecks, when the pandemic struck.

Pipsqueak couldn't go home!

When borders started to close, the Eilbecks had just 48 hours to jump on a plane back to Australia. But there was one big problem - Australia's quarantine rules meant they had to leave Pipsqueak behind!


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So the Eilbecks docked in South Carolina, USA, left Pipsqueak with a family friend, and headed home. Back in Australia, Zoe Eilbeck had to get up at 4 am every day to make calls and file paperwork to arrange Pipsqueak's return trip.

It's a complicated process at the best of times, but Zoe found herself wrapped up in more red tape due to the pandemic-related disruption. But five months later, Pipsqueak finally got the all-clear to come home.


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And so began a mammoth 10,000-mile journey that involved a night in a hotel suite, two long-haul planes trips in cargo, and a 10-day stay in quarantine!

A very special arrival

The Eilbecks were worried Pipsqueak wouldn't remember them, but all that vanished as soon as she came strutting out of the arrivals lounge.


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"When she heard our voices, she came barreling into our arms," said Zoe. "It was absolutely amazing to have her back after all that time."