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TikTok user praised for revealing valuable lesson about guide dog owners

Vivvy the black Labrador sits patiently at the roadside dog-wow
© jemmabrown8 – TikTok

Jemma Brown has warmed the hearts of millions by posting a short TikTok video to explain how a blind person with a guide dog will signal their need for assistance.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 03/09/2020, 14:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:25

Ms Brown’s informative video tells of how a blind person in need of help will let go of their dog’s harness and place it on the animal’s back. She adds that a well-meaning passer-by must then approach the person on the opposite side to the dog. 

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According to the Mail Online, Ms Brown said she posted the video as a reply to a viewer who asked her how someone should approach a blind person holding a cane.

“I wouldn't want to scare someone by coming out of nowhere if that makes sense,” Ms Brown told the viewer.

Viral video 

Brown's mum features in the video accompanied by her guide dog, a black Labrador called Vivvy. The video has since been shared online, and has become a viral sensation. 


Reply to @uwugeorgia Starring my mum and ##GuideDog Vivvy ##FYP ##Awareness ##Blind ##CC ##LowVision ##Help ##AskMeAnything ##Disability ##BlackLabRet ##BlackLab

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The Labrador is the traditional choice of guide dog trainers. The breed is most eager to please.  It is also exceptionally loyal and intelligent. Perhaps most importantly, the Labrador is one breed not predisposed to temper or aggression. 

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