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Charities step up to foster pets in the wake of Hurricane Laura

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Winds of up to 150mph have battered parts of the US after Storm Laura wreaked havoc in the Southern States, and hundreds of family pets are suffering as a result.

By Natasha James

Published on the 31/08/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:25

The Category 4 Hurricane Laura is one of the strongest storms to hit the US, with homes, buildings and livelihoods across Texas and Louisiana being affected.

Family pets at risk of abandonment

Hundreds of thousands of homes are without power and residents are forced to find alternative places to stay until they can return, and family pets are thought to be bearing the brunt of the exodus from the area.

Luckily, animal rescue charities are stepping up their efforts to ensure healthy pets make it through the crisis.

A helping hand for owners in need

The Rescued Pets Movement is aiming to make life that little bit easier for beleaguered residents by rescuing beloved cats and dogs and finding them safe foster accommodation until families can return to their homes.

During Hurricane Harvey, the charity sheltered 400 pets in NRG's Pet Reunion Pavilion and, once life returned to normal, families could come here to search for their lost pet.

Love for the shelter pets too

And, unfortunately, it’s not just beloved pets who are suffering but shelter animals too. As local animal rescue shelters have limited resources, increasing numbers of older and existing shelter animals could face euthanasia as charities run out of resources.

Thankfully, Wings of Rescue has been transporting shelter animals across states to No Kill shelters to ensure that no animals are harmed as a result of the storm.

We wish all those affected by the storm all the very best.

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