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Bar owners shocked when they see what their cat is carrying in his mouth

ginger cat cat-wow

Can you think of an animal any cheekier than a cat? We sure can’t, especially after reading about this adorable ginger kitten who's an expert thief!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 05/06/2021, 07:30, Updated on the 23/06/2021, 16:01

The kitten was a frequent visitor in a bar in Russia.

Eventually, after dozens of visits by the little kitten who just couldn’t stay away, the owners of the bar decided to adopt her.

Devious kitty

But they didn’t know the risk they were taking when they decided to keep this cheeky feline in their lives! Indeed, the kitten has a penchant for stealing…money!

Luckily for her owners, she was always caught before getting away with it. And luckily for us, the surveillance cameras inside the bar always caught the kitten on video!

Caught red-pawed

The adorable moggy can be seen carrying a large wad of cash and trying to escape sneakily past her owners before being stopped just in time. She sure was determined – she tried her breakout several times over!

We’ll never know what she needed the money for, but we do hope that she’ll grow out of the habit. Or that her owners will find a better hiding spot for their cash!

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