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Fishermen raise their nets and discover a huge surprise inside!

Man fishing on a lac cat-wow
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A fishing crew had a huge surprise when they opened their net during one expedition. Because instead of catching any fish, they got the shock of their lives when they realised what they had caught!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 27/08/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:25

Flyin Charters fishing crew operates from Orange Beach, Alabama, USA. The boats often head out to the nearby Gulf of Mexico in search of mackerel, red snapper, and yellow fish tuna.

The CATch of the day

But on this particular trip, they came home with a catch of the day that shocked everyone  - a ginger cat!

They spotted the feline floating in the water and meowing for help. "He was struggling to stay up," said one crew member in an interview with PEOPLE. Thankfully, the crew managed to scoop up the cat from the water. They then helped him dry off before returning to shore.

 This guy won't be going back to the beach in a hurry, but do all cats hate water?

So how did this moggy end up stranded in the middle of a huge gulf of water? To be honest, nobody really knows. But the most likely explanation is that he was swept out by the changing tide.

You don't see this every day

The ginger kitty is now living with a friend of the boat's captain, and the Flying Charter is back to catching fish instead of cats. Still, it will be a long time before they forget this unlikely story.

"Can't say you see it every day," the crew shared on their Facebook page.