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WATCH: Adorable pup practises making friends in the mirror!

WATCH: Adorable pup practises making friends in the mirror! dog-happy
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This little pup understands that initial introductions can be tricky at best. What if you go to hug and they go to shake? Nightmare! That’s why he’s been practising his wave.

By Natasha James

Published on the 27/08/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:25

Pre-lockdown we all felt pretty confident on the best way to greet a pal. Whether you were a handshaker, a hugger or a cheek kisser, things seemed easy back then. These days though? We’re not quite so sure.

The friendliest way to say "hey"

Little pup Ziggy has been having the same conundrum but he’s decided on his course of action and we can’t fault it.

The adorable video was shared by the perennially popular We Rate Dogs account and has become something of a hit!

We see little Ziggy approach a full-length mirror. He quickly analyses the dog in front of him and sits peacefully.

For a second we’re not sure what Ziggy thinks of his mirror twin but then he slowly raises one paw in greeting and…it’s heartbreakingly cute!

The importance of first impressions

Lovable account We Rate Dogs shared with the caption:

“This is Ziggy. He’s practicing saying hi to the other dogs in the neighbourhood. Just moved here and would love to make a good first impression. 14/10”

Understandably, the post has been VERY popular and has nearly two million views on Twitter with other users replying with pics of their pooches waving back or introducing themselves to new doggos.

Watch the short clip here and get ready to smile.

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