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Golden Retriever meets kitten sibling and his reaction is heartwarming

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Show us a person who doesn’t love a dog and cat friendship and we’ll show you a person who doesn’t love life. This inseparable pair are melting hearts everywhere!

By Natasha James

Published on the 08/06/2021, 06:30

Two-year-old Golden Retriever Samson has always been a big softie.

He’s gentle and shy in his interactions with other dogs and his owners, Lea and Eric Hendey, have even joked that he might be a cat in a dog’s body. 


Gentle golden giant

So, when it came to bringing tiny kitten Cleo home, they were never worried about whether the pup would chase or scare the eight-week-old kitten.

And they were absolutely right not to be concerned.

Empathetic pup!

Samson went along with his owners to collect Cleo on her first day and in the car ride home little Cleo cried because she was scared. Sensitive to the kitty’s plight, softy Samson cried along with her!


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An inseparable pair

According to their owners, the softie Retriever was immediately smitten with the little kitten, following her around and helping her to settle in. In the early few days, Cleo wasn’t as convinced but she’s been well and truly won over and now the pair are best buddies.

Apparently, the duo do everything together, from finding sunny spots to nap in, to playing games. Samson will even clean Cleo’s face after she’s eaten (which means he gets to clean up any crumbs but it’s still a win-win).

A social media storm

Unsurprisingly, the pair’s adorable pics have become something of an Instagram phenomenon and the account currently has 93,000 followers (and counting) who tune in to see their latest exploits.

Make that 93,001 followers…

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