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Silly rescue Pittie thinks he’s a cat and acts just like them

black and white pitbull standing on kitchen counter with tabby cat dog-cat-happy
© mako_thecatdog - Instagram

Bringing home a rescue Pitbull could be cause for concern when you have two cats. Not for this pup though, who loves his cat siblings so much he’s taken to copying them.

By Natasha James

Published on the 20/08/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:26

Love at first sight

Bethany and Samantha Castiller had always loved dogs and knew they wanted a rescue. When they got to their local pet shelter, they spotted two-year-old Pittie, Mako and fell in love with the funny boy immediately.

And while they knew right away that Mako was a softie, they were understandably a little apprehensive about introducing the pup to their two cats.

A slow and steady introduction

Like all responsible owners, they introduced the pup to the cats slowly and initially kept them separate but they soon realised they had nothing to worry about.

Mako LOVED his siblings. Mimicking their behaviour and following them everywhere – including the kitchen table, worktops and even on top of kitchen cupboards!

Feline cat-like

Bethany and Samantha believe this un-dog-like behaviour is all down to Mako wanting to be just like his feline siblings and to be near them, whatever they’re doing.

The pair set up an Instagram page for the pooch which has attracted over 27,000 followers who tune in to witness his adorable behaviour. He’s a hit on TikTok too with a whopping 32,000 followers.

Take a look at his social media profiles for even more pics of lovable Mako!