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Owner places pup in boarding kennel, weeks later his true intentions are revealed

german shepherd puppy dog-angry
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When the owner of a 9-week-old German Shepherd puppy dropped his pet off at a boarding kennel, everything seemed to be normal. So what happened two weeks later shocked everyone.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 23/08/2020, 12:00

The man explained he had to leave for a business trip – but that he would return to pick his puppy up in two weeks time.

Mysterious disappearance

The boarding kennel owner, a man named Karl, enjoyed his time with the smart little pup, with whom he even did a little training. But when the two weeks were up, there was no sign of the poor pup’s owner. Karl tried to contact him, but the owner never answered the phone.
It became clear to Karl that the German Shepherd had been abandoned.  

A complicated situation

The dog has since been transferred to Aachen Animal Shelter, where he is waiting for a forever home. Karl has filed charges of fraud against the owner. However, according to German law, animal cruelty charges can not be made because the dog was not harmed.

We do hope that justice catches up to this cowardly owner one way or another though. That poor puppy deserved better!

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