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Man shocked when he realises why GSD puppy was dropped off at his boarding kennel

german shepherd puppy in crate dog-angry
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The summer and autumn are always very busy for people in the pet care service industry. Everyone is going on holiday or going back to work, needing to leave their pets behind.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 29/11/2020, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

When a 9-week-old German Shepherd puppy was dropped off at a man’s boarding kennel back in late August, there was nothing out of the ordinary. 

The puppy’s owner, like millions of others, was going back to work and needed someone to watch his dog in the meantime. 

The sweetest guest

So Karl, the kennel owner, happily took the pup off the man’s hands. He would be giving the puppy a place to stay for the next two weeks until his owner returned from his business trip. 

Karl enjoyed his time with the pup. Not only was he incredibly cute, but he was very smart too. Karl started feeling sad when the time to say goodbye creeped closer and closer.

But, strangely, two weeks came and went, and the puppy’s owner didn’t return. Karl tried calling him, but no answer. He tried emailing him, but still no answer. That’s when Karl realised what had happened. The owner had not been on a business trip. He just wanted to get rid of his new puppy.

German Shepherd puppy for adoption

Karl already had his hands full with his business and his own dogs, so he drove the little pup to the nearest shelter.

Luckily, his adorable looks got him adopted very fast, and now he is living happily ever after with a forever family! 

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