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Watch: Stray cat mum entrusts couple with the care of her beloved kitten

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Courtney and Jake had just moved into a new neighbourhood when a stray cat started visiting them at their home every day for some treats and cuddles.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 02/05/2021, 07:30

The couple soon became very fond of the affectionate cat, who they decided to name Queso.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t adopt her because they already owned a cat, and were worried that the two wouldn’t get along. 

A strong friendship is formed

But one day, Queso surprised her human friends with a gift they were not expecting in the slightest! When they stepped out onto their front porch, they realised that Queso was not alone – she was accompanied by a tiny little kitten!

Queso clearly trusted the couple enough to bring her baby into their lives – probably hoping that they would give him a safe and healthy future.

A new family member

Of course, the kitten was immediately welcomed into the family. Jake and Courtney even took him to the vet’s for a check-up. They named him Beans and helped Queso to feed him as he grew into a healthy teen! Once he was old enough, Beans was adopted into Jake and Courtney’s home.

Queso still comes to visit her baby from time to time, but as for her, she still remains a free spirit!

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