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Devoted family hire costly pet detective and extend holiday to find missing pooch

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This family experienced every pet owner’s worst nightmare when their beloved dog disappeared while on holiday and now they’ll stop at nothing to find him.

By Natasha James

Published on the 19/08/2020, 14:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:26

Home from home

Like many of us, the Bierer-Nielsen family recently decided to take a staycation rather than travel abroad for their family holiday. One of the main benefits to this was that they could take their three beloved pooches with them.

The family travelled to a dog-friendly holiday cottage near Midhurst in West Sussex. Everything was going so well and the pups seemed delighted to have a field to play in but when called back only two of the three pups returned. 15-year-old mixed breed Spillo was nowhere to be seen.

A frantic search

The family searched the village for Spillo but, with his arthritis and advanced age, they felt sure that he couldn’t have gone far by himself and instead must have been taken.

And so, the family resorted to hiring a “pet detective” in the form of former Surrey Police detective Colin Butcher. No stone has been left unturned with the family placing over 300 posters around the village, as well as hiring sniffer dogs and even using thermal imaging cameras.

Staying put

They’ve also extended their one-week holiday and are now living in rooms above a pub until the dog is found. To a non-dog owner, these measures could seem extreme but if you’ve ever suffered the heartache of a lost pup then you’ll understand the lengths all too well.


Our 15.5 year old dog, Spillo, has gone missing from near Midhurst in West Sussex. If you are able to share his dog lost...

Posted by Laura Bierer-Nielsen on Tuesday, July 28, 2020

We wish the family all the very best and hope that Spillo comes home soon.