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25% of 'lockdown dogs' purchased from puppy farms, according to owners

2 Rottweiler puppies look over a wooden fence dog-serious
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In the light of a meteoric rise in "lockdown puppies", the Kennel Club and charities across the UK have issued a stark reminder to us all that puppy farms are NOT the way forward.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 17/08/2020, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:26

The message was never going to get through to those most determined: do not be tempted to buy a dog simply due to lockdown or home working. Indeed, when all this is over, the vast majority of us will no longer be at home and the poor dog is left to fend for itself.

But figures released by the Kennel Club reveal the heart-breaking statistics of a collective selfishness.

According to The Guardian, “Two-thirds of those surveyed said their new puppy was a ‘lifeline in lockdown’. Forty-one per cent of those who bought a puppy during the pandemic did so because they wanted a companion, and 38% said they purchased one because they were spending more time at home."

Puppy farms are still around

But the real problem arises from our choice of puppy supplier. With most shelters and charities closing their books during lockdown to prevent knee-jerk adoptions, people are turning to puppy farms to find their furry friend. Most of us are doing so, according to the KC, without doing much research before hand.

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A quarter of new owners admitted they bought their dog after doing little research, with one in four pandemic puppy owners saying they might have bought their pet from a puppy farm in error.

In truth, buying a dog from a puppy farm has a tendency to perpetuate the trade of dogs that are unwell or kept in cruel conditions.

Do your research before buying.